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Our promise “No Cloud Skills Required”

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Enabling to adopt cloud 5 times faster

The suite of applications allow an organization and its personnel for following

  • Design and deploy cloud architectures to any cloud of choice in a matter of minutes.
  • Eliminates script or console based cloud resource creation.
  • Proactively identify and remediate security issues before provisioning cloud infrastructure.
  • Forecast usage, Allocate Quota’s, Chargeback and Raise alerts without any manual intervention.
  • Enforce Governance, Standardization, Security with a single click of button.

Problems we solve

Despite all the development and potential of cloud services, there are multiple challenges of cloud computing services that businesses face.

  • Ensuring standardization for multiple clouds.
  • Ensure pattern-based cloud deployments.
  • Automate tracking and management of cost.
  • Migrate your workloads really fast.
  • We provide cloud skills to help adopt cloud.

In the end, we would say cloud computing is a good platform for businesses to grow and excel. But at the same time, you should remain vigilant while adopting one. Carefully choose your provider, look for the compliance policies they follow and that they have a proper plan to mitigate risks and vulnerabilities.

Cloud Management Suite

A cloud management suite is a set of software tools used to control and monitor hybrid cloud and multi-cloud resources. Also referred to as a cloud management platform, it helps to centralize control of various cloud-based infrastructures.

Policy Engine


Cost-Billing Visibility

Integration Services

Security & Monitoring

Smart Deploy

A Unique Deployment Engine.

Allows you to create Cloud Agnostic Architectures and deploy on any Cloud without making any changes

  • Draw cloud agnostic architectures and eliminate scripting or console based provisioning.
  • Reduces months of effort to minutes and apply securely by design principals.
  • Real time cloud cost forecast and AI based design Validations.
  • In-built Policy Engine.
  • Rollback and Teardown in minutes.


You need complete visibility across your cloud network services/server. All the way to the cloud and containers - and the dependencies across these resources – so that you can accurately assess their impact. Below are a few features.....

Data Driven Model And Multi Tenant Application

Multi-tenant solutions are designed to be highly configurable so that businesses can make the application perform the way they want.

Designed for Scale and Speed

Cloud-native system which ensures 99.99% availability along with data security and all relevant compliance.

Supports Multiple Languages & Currencies

We support multiple languages and currencies which enables clients to understand the process the requirement easily.

Role Based Access Control And Online Help

Role-based access for the approval of proposed cloud infrastructure and selected platform.

Rest Based Integration And Plug & Play for DevOps and ITSM Integration

Many integrations can be set up by applying reusable plug-ins or packages that allow you to set up a working integration in a matter of minutes.

Encrypted databases Along With SaaS and Self-Hosted models

All client data is encrypted on the database, application level to ensure security on manifolds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I develop a cloud strategy?

    Developing a cloud strategy begins with outlining your technical and business objectives. Understand what the drivers are for your company to shift to the Cloud and what solutions these drivers require. Your cloud strategy may be to start small and gradually, or your business may be in a position to dive right in. Once you identify your needs, you can better understand if your cloud strategy should include public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.

  • Many companies do not take the time to consider what they may need to put into place before shifting to the Cloud. For the most part, preparing to shift to the Cloud is simple and just requires you having a Cloud Service Provider handle the transition. However, one of the biggest things to consider is your network bandwidth. With the strain put on local internet connections from cloud computing, you may consider upgrading your bandwidth or investing in SD-WAN technology to increase connectivity.

  • There are many aspects to the IT savings you can achieve by using cloud computing services. The rule of thumb is that you can expect to save 20% to 80% of the cost of running a premises-based application by moving to a cloud-based service (SaaS). Your cloud navigator can work with you to determine more precisely your IT savings by moving to cloud-based services.

  • Rebuilding an older application server from scratch is tricky. Many times the technology is so old or heavily customized, its virtually impossible to recreate it. Sometimes the answer is P2V (Physical to Virtual). We take an image (snapshot in time) of your server and upload it to the hosting facility.

  • Most cloud providers offer a Free Tier of usage, good for one year, which will enable you to explore cloud computing at low financial risk. Cloud providers often offer additional research computing credits through a managed program available by filling out a one-page application and coordinating your efforts with us. Once you determine whether the Cloud works for you, there are various funding agencies that can help pay for your research.

  • When buying a dedicated server, there is usually a lead time on the hardware, and it is difficult to change the server specification as your needs evolve, forcing you to buy something large enough for your application to grow into. You pay for the server 24 hours a day, not just when you want it up and running. Our cloud servers, on the other hand, can be deployed immediately from our easy-to-use web control panel and have no setup charge, a low minimum price, and no commitment to a contract. As your requirements change, you can instantly scale the resources you use, both up and down, and can even pay-as-you-go simply for the hours your servers are running.


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